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July 28, 2017

How to Become a Manicurist in Ohio

Do you enjoy doing others’ nails? Are you looking for a way to combine creativity with a career? A career as a manicurist in Ohio could be the perfect way for you to bring artistry into your professional life. Find out more about what it takes to be a manicurist in Ohio and see if Moler Beauty Academy is the right choice for you.

How to Get a Manicurist License in Ohio

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There are a few steps to become a licensed manicurist. While a great first step is to enroll in a manicuring program at a beauty school, here is what you need to do to get a manicurist license in Ohio:

    • Be at least 16 years old.
    • Have the equivalent of a 10th grade education.
    • Submit an application form.
    • Complete a 200-hour manicurist course at a cosmetology school.
    • Sit for the state board.

If you’re wondering which school you should attend, consider Moler Beauty Academy! We have decades of experience helping future beauty professionals find their place in the beauty industry.

What You Can Learn in School

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Are you wondering what kind of education you will get in the process of becoming a licensed manicurist? A manicurist learns all about nails, hands, and feet. Here are just a few things you can learn from a manicuring program at a beauty school:

      • Basic Manicure. This may sound obvious, but there’s a lot that goes into the process of a manicure. The type of nail polish to use, how to clean your tools for each guest, and proper nail trimming to make sure the shape of the nail is appropriate for each guest are all parts of a manicure that need to be learned before getting your license.
      • Hand and Foot Massages. While not everyone gets a massage when they go in for a manicure, some might want one to get the full, relaxing experience. You can expect to learn proper techniques for both hand and foot massages to best relax and care for your clients.
      • Proper Nail Care. Becoming a nail technician isn’t all about making your clients’ nails look pretty. It’s also important to be able to recognize certain diseases and infections and how to avoid them so you can keep your tools sanitary and safe for other guests.
      • Chemistry of Cosmetics. As a manicurist, you’ll be using many different types of polish, creams, and lotions on customer’s hands and feet. It’s important to know what each ingredient is in each product and what they do so you can provide top quality services that last.
      • Artificial Nail Application. There are so many different types of artificial nails that a manicurist has to learn how to apply, such as gel nails, acrylic nails, or sculptured nails.
      • Salon Best Practices. While it’s important to know how to help others achieve gorgeous nails, it’s also important to know how to best work with customers. Part of a manicurist’s curriculum is to learn the laws salons have to follow and how to provide the best service.

Want to be a Manicurist Over Your Own Salon?

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If you want to run your own nail salon after obtaining your manicurist license, consider taking our advanced manicurist course to learn business best practices and get one step closer to becoming your own boss.

The career outlook for manicurists is also growing! According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, employment of manicurists and pedicurists is projected to grow 19 percent from 2019 to 2029, which is much faster than the average for most occupations.

Does This Sound Like the Career for You?

Is becoming a manicurist your dream job? Becoming a manicurist in Ohio could be a great new career! Do you want to help others achieve gorgeous nails? Check out our manicuring program to find out more! Contact us at our Fairfield or Cincinnati location to learn about how you can get started today.

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