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November 22, 2021

Which Nail Shape Suits You? Take Our Quiz to Find Out [Updated 2021]

Nail shapes are the foundation of any good manicure. The shape of your nails not only has the power to change the look of your hands, but it can also reflect your personality and style!

Yet, finding the perfect nail shape for both your hands and your lifestyle can be a challenge. If your nails need direction, or you’re just itching for a change, our quiz can help you find the perfect shape!

Types of Nail Shapes

Manicure trends come and go, but some nail shapes never seem to go out of style. Here’s an overview of a few of our favorite classic nail shapes:


If you prefer a natural-looking manicure that’s easy to maintain, the round nail shape may be right for you. This shape is the most similar to the ends of your finger, with a rounded top and gently sloping sides.

colorful round nails on a pink and colorful polkadot background

Round nails look great with any nail length, especially those who prefer to keep them shorter. They also make nail beds appear thinner, look great with any nail polish color, and pair well with most nail designs.


If you want to keep the simple look of rounded nails but want them a little longer, oval is your best bet. This gently sloping nail shape will not only help your nails appear longer, but it’ll also help you achieve a more feminine style for your nails. In addition, oval-shaped nails can make your nail beds appear slimmer.

green oval nails

As with round nails, this shape won’t take a lot of maintenance and can be used as a canvas for multiple designs.


This shape, like round nails, is great for those who want to keep their nails shorter. The difference is that the square nail shape allows you to have a more edgy look you can show off.

square white nails with bird details

Square nails look flattering on people with long, slim fingers as the sharp angles highlight the length without overpowering them. As an added benefit, these nails don’t break easily because they aren’t thin at the top, unlike most other nail shapes.


If you love trying out exciting nail trends that bring attention, the ballerina shape may be just what you need. These nails are long, slim, and squared off at the top – much like the end of a ballerina’s shoe.

yellow ballerina nails

Ballerina nails can be more work to maintain and usually work better for people with sturdier nails that don’t break as often because of their slim point. Although this nail shape requires a little more effort to maintain, it’s well worth it if you wish to achieve an elegant, eye-catching look.


The almond nail shape is one of the most popular choices out there. It’s long, slim, and angular at the top, like an almond.

iridescent almond nails

This shape can help elongate your fingers and make them look slender. It’s also growing in popularity because of its chic look and ability to fit with whatever nail color or design you want to add.

How to Make a Manicure Last Longer

Now that you’ve got the basics of nail shapes, let’s discuss some of the things you can do to make sure your nails look their best following a manicure.


The anatomy of our nails is made primarily of keratin, which needs to stay hydrated to remain strong and flexible. So, to keep your nails healthy, it’s important to strengthen them with hydrating products – such as cuticle oil and hand creams.

Be Gentle

When doing chores around the house or performing tasks that require a firm grip, try to be gentle on your nails. Manual labor, repetitive work movements, and household chores can all cause damage to your nails, causing them to break or peel easily.

Don’t Peel Off Your Polish

When you notice your nail polish beginning to chip or peel, try to resist the urge to peel it off. Peeling the polish off can damage your nails because this causes them to weaken and increases your risk of breakage. Instead, apply a fresh layer of polish or use an acetone-free nail polish remover to remove the old layers.

Want to Learn More?

Has learning more about the different nail shapes and how to care for your nails got you thinking about pursuing a career in manicuring?

The Moler Beauty Academy manicuring program in Ohio teaches all the latest techniques so you can help give people the look and shape that fits them best! We provide students with a comprehensive understanding of beauty theory and the hands-on experience they need to succeed.

If you are interested in enrolling in a nail program in Ohio, please contact us to learn more about getting started in the application process.

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