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November 2, 2018

Hair, Nails, Makeup Oh My! How to Join the Beauty Community in OH

As an aspiring beauty professional it’s important that you immerse yourself in all things hair, makeup, nails, fashion, skin care, and more. You know this, and we have no doubt that you can achieve everything you’re after. We also know that it can be difficult to actually find the events, organizations, and communities that can help you do that. At Moler Beauty Academy we are nothing if we’re not fighting for our students to be successful in their careers, which is why we assembled this list for you. So polish your shears, sharpen your eyeliner, and increase your beauty knowledge and get out there!

Become a Better Beauty Student With These Events

In case you weren’t aware that our great city has yearly beauty events, you can check out Sonic Space Recording’s recap of the Cincinnati Hair & Beauty Expo from 2015.

Besides catwalks and fierce fashion, the various Cincinnati Beauty Expos also like to highlight upcoming cosmetology, esthetics, barbering, and nail technician students. These are a great opportunity for you to flex those skills you’ve been learning, and make some new connections in the world of beauty. Take this event as an opportunity to learn from established cosmetologists and industry-leading professionals, but also use this event to show what you’ve learned. It’s equally important that you just enjoy all the beautiful things surrounding you, and make new friends!

There are a lot of amazing events surrounding beauty in Cincinnati. The ones you might like the most are Beauty & the Feast, Natural Hair Care & Health Expo, 1st Annual Cincinnati Makeup Palooza Event, and Beautiful Faces Going Places. Even if none of these are catching your eye, you can find plenty more at If you have any questions about signing up for these events as a student you can ask your instructors.

students in a row at a beauty convention taking notes

Other Ways to Engage in Your Beauty Community

You’re doing everything you can to become the best beauty professional you can be. You’re not just taking classes, you’re taking on new clients, studying in your off hours, and asking the right questions. If you’re itching for even more you can do, look no further than your own community. All beauty professionals know that to be successful you need to set yourself apart in your local beauty community. You need to be able to prove to your customers why they should come to you for your services over someone else. The best way to do that? Personal branding.

Market Yourself on Social Media

It’s 2018, and therefore you should be no stranger to Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, and YouTube. Beauty professionals know that to get noticed you need to get your content in front of the right audience, and the best way to do that is by using social media. This article about self promotion from Cosmetology License teaches us that.

There’s no denying the value of social media for marketing purposes. Instagram is a fantastic medium for highlighting happenings at your salon or charity work outside the salon, and Facebook is perfect for announcing special deals you are offering…don’t forget about Pinterest. You may even consider starting Pinterest boards…which [will] spread the word about your services.

The first thing to do on Instagram when promoting yourself as a cosmetologist, or esthetician, or anything else is to create a business page. Connect it to your professional Facebook page, and begin posting. Because you want this to be your career, you need to ensure that you establish your personal branding guidelines before just posting willy-nilly. Branding guidelines can be things like choosing complementary colors, deciding if you will use a grid, similar images throughout, or anything else that will help your Instagram page look cohesive. Check out @guy_tang’s page below to see a good example of personal branding.

screenshot of Guy Tang's Instagram feed

Notice how Guy uses a consistent layout that provides users with a sense of structure, while still promoting his personal brand and skillset? Guy does a great job of promoting his work without it coming off as too salesy! Follow him for a good example of what to shoot for.

You can begin this level of self-marketing while you’re still in school! For more on how to promote yourself via social media, check out this blog by Chron, and watch your clientele grow!

Build Your Clientele While in Beauty School

Besides using social media, you can still work on your future while you’re still in school. When you’re working in our student salon* you can begin to flex your cosmetology skills as you work with new clients. A few tips for securing and maintaining new clients while still in school:

  • – Build relationships by getting to know your clients.
  • – Ask for help when needed, but always show confidence when working*.
  • – Ask the client exactly what they want, and check on their expectations every so often. Use pictures to ensure you’ve got it right.
  • – Without being pushy, ask clients to follow you on social media.
  • – If they liked their service, let them know where you plan to work when you graduate so they can follow you there.

This can work to your advantage when you graduate, as you’ll already have plenty of people who can provide you with work and sometimes testimonials!

Makeup artists work on a model in a beauty convention

Moler Beauty Academy & You

Whether you’re an existing student in one of our programs, or an aspiring beauty professional, Moler can help you in your journey. We strive to provide our students with the keys to succeed, and we also just love participating in the beauty community in Ohio! You can learn more about both our school and the part we play in the community by calling us at 513-621-5262, or you can fill out this form for more information. Your success is within reach, you just need to get started, and we can help.

*All Services Performed by Students Under the Supervision of Licensed Instructors.

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