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July 26, 2021

Beauty School vs. Traditional College? Take Our Quiz!

What secondary school path is right for you? Traditional college may be an obvious choice, but is it the best choice for you? There are several other paths you may love! If you’ve always been creative and want to inspire others, beauty school could be the perfect fit.

There are many different pros and cons to choosing a traditional college or beauty school. If you’re not sure what choice may be best for you, take our quiz to find out more!

With the stigma of being a “beauty school dropout” surrounding a cosmetology career, you may be wondering if beauty school is the right decision for you. While traditional four-year universities are a great option for some, the rise of the “gig economy” shows those who attend trade schools are finding significant benefits as well.

If you’ve always loved beauty, receiving a professional beauty education could be your next step. Here are five reasons to consider beauty school over traditional college!

1. You Can Learn Hands-On

In beauty school, you can have the opportunity to practice your skills hands-on. Our student salon allows you to prepare for the real world by working on actual clients. You will be able to learn cutting, coloring, styling, and more as a student stylist under instructor supervision. This practical, real-world experience can help you feel ready for the salon once you graduate!

In college, you aren’t as likely to learn in such a hands-on, practical way. You may be required to participate in internships where you gain real-world experience, but most of the time you will likely be learning through textbooks and tests.

If bookwork isn’t really your thing, going to beauty school may be a better fit for you. While you may still need to complete occasional bookwork or take some written tests, the vast majority of your learning in beauty school will be hands-on.

2. It’s Typically Faster than College

Most college degrees are four-year degrees. However, data shows more students actually take up to six years to complete their college degrees. Trade schools, like beauty schools, are usually much faster to graduate from than traditional universities.

At Moler Beauty Academy, you can complete our cosmetology program in as little as 43 weeks. That’s less than a year. Our esthetics program can be completed even quicker—most of our esthetic students graduate in six to 12 months. Similarly, our manicuring program is 200 hours and can be completed in as little as two months.

One reason trade schools like beauty schools are typically faster than traditional college is that learning is more focused. In traditional college, you may spend the first year or two completing general education requirements before you ever get to the meat and bones of your major. In cosmetology school, though, you can start learning practical skills almost immediately.

Going to cosmetology school could help you graduate years sooner! All that extra time can kickstart your career, help you earn money, and gain you valuable experience faster.

3. You Could Graduate With Less Debt

Not only can cosmetology school help you enter the workforce faster, but you may also have less debt to pay off. ValuePenguin found one year at traditional public college averages $25,290 in state or $40,940 out of state. That’s just for one year. Factor in that most universities take at least four years to graduate from and compare that to the cost—both time and financial costs—of the average beauty school. At Moler Beauty Academy, you can expect to spend about $18,325 on tuition, fees, books, and supplies in our full-time cosmetology program.

That means that on average, you could save tens of thousands of dollars by choosing a beauty school over a traditional college. Most of the time, these costs are paid through financial aid like loans. These costs become debt and will ultimately need to be repaid. You can start to see just how much debt choosing a beauty school may save you in the long run!

4. You Can Express Your Creativity

Have you always considered yourself an artist at heart? As a beauty school student, you can express your creativity daily. While there are plenty of creative majors to choose from in college—like graphic design or creative writing—colleges are still often set up to favor left-brain individuals.

Left-brain refers to those who think analytically or mathematically. Right-brain refers to those who think artistically or creatively. Think about how much bookwork, reading, written work, or testing college typically has. These formats tend to favor left-brain thinkers. On the other hand, beauty school is all about creative thinking, like imagining a new cut or style for a client. This is a much more right-brain way of thinking.

Not sure if you are more left-brain or more right-brain? Here’s a quick test. Close your eyes and think about an apple. What do you see? Left-brain thinkers tend to have a hard time creating a mental image. They may see a basic, cartoon-looking apple or even just the word spelled out. Right-brain thinkers are more likely to see a detailed image in full color and maybe even a whole scene to go with it—a set table, or a teacher receiving a gift.

While we all are a mix of the two, if you are more right-brained, you may enjoy cosmetology school more than traditional college!

5. You Can Feel Fulfilled

The number one reason you may love beauty school more than traditional college? It can help you find a fulfilling and rewarding career path! Getting to spend each day building people’s self-esteem, hearing their stories, and making an impact on their lives is something truly special. You never know whose life you may impact when you’re behind the chair!

If the choice is between being in an office sitting in front of a computer from 9-5 or being on your feet, on your own time, making others feel beautiful, well, what would you choose?

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