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September 28, 2018

If You Love Nails, Here Are 3 Reasons You’ll Love Cosmetology

You’ve always had a passion for beauty. Hair, makeup, nails, and skin care are your languages. If this speaks to you then beauty school may be a great choice for you!

But what program should you choose? There are many different programs offered at beauty schools. Generally, the main two are cosmetology and esthetics. There are also more specific programs, such as manicuring. Specific programs are a good choice for people who know for sure that they want a specific career. Our most popular program is manicuring, and it’s easy to see why. Who doesn’t love nails? Did you know that an education in cosmetology also teaches manicuring? A cosmetology education can open up many more doors than just manicuring. With more knowledge and broader skills you’re able to add more to your service menu, become more marketable, and have more career opportunities available to you.

1. Cosmetology Makes You More Marketable

Even if you love nails and are interested in a manicuring program specifically, we still encourage you to consider cosmetology. Cosmetology is the study of hair, makeup, skin, and nails. So if you have an interest in one or all of these topics, you can learn them all. A cosmetology program teaches the basic techniques used in hair cutting, styling, and coloring, as well as makeup and nail artistry, and skin care.

Getting a cosmetology education puts you on the path to becoming a cosmetologist. After getting your education, the next step is preparing for the state board of cosmetology exam. Once you pass the exam, you’re on your way to your dream career as a cosmetologist!

Being a cosmetologist helps make you more marketable in the beauty world. There are more employment opportunities available if you are educated in more than one field. Getting a specific education in just manicuring would limit you to only seek career opportunities in manicuring. A cosmetology education prepares you for careers in hair, makeup, skin, and nails.

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2. Cosmetology Has Many Career Opportunities

Cosmetologists have many career opportunities available to them, but let’s back up. What is a cosmetologist? The term cosmetologist is not always widely known. Maybe you’ve never heard of someone being a cosmetologist. Don’t worry, you’re not alone. More commonly you may have heard of these cosmetology specialties: hair stylists, makeup artists, and manicurists. Did you know a cosmetology education is what sets you on the path to become all of these things? That means if your passion is nails, you can still pursue manicuring. The benefit is that as a cosmetologist you also have the option to pursue many other careers outside of or in addition to manicuring. Cosmetologists are hair stylists, makeup artists, and manicurists. They’re also much more.

A common misconception about cosmetologists is that they only work in salons. This is not true. While many cosmetologists work as stylists, artists, or colorists in salons, not all do. Cosmetologists can also work in editorial settings doing hair and makeup for photo shoots. They can do special effects makeup for movies and tv shows. Some cosmetologists even find work as personal stylists to celebrities. The beauty world is full of exciting cosmetology careeropportunities!

3. Cosmetology is Rewarding

Cosmetology is a good career choice because it is flexible, creative, and fun. Working as a hair stylist or makeup artist provides many opportunities to set your own schedule. You can generally decide if you want to work nights and/or weekends. You don’t need to work in the usual office setting. The additional education you receive in a cosmetology program over just manicuring allows you to get a part-time job in a different field. You could even find freelance opportunities that give you even more freedom with your schedule.

Working with nails, makeup, and hair gives you the chance to express your artistic side and make your clients feel beautiful. Not only do you help people feel good about themselves, they trust you. How often do you go to get your hair or nails done and end up talking about your life with your stylist the whole time? The client/stylist relationship is built on trust and respect. This is the part of the job that is so rewarding.

Get Your Cosmetology Education

Now that you’ve seen how amazing a cosmetology education is, what are you waiting for? Get started on the path toward your rewarding, dream career today! Take a look at the programs we offer here at Moler Beauty Academy.

Contact us with any questions you might have and let’s work toward your future as a cosmetologist.

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