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July 17, 2018

Natural Skin Care Remedies to Let You Glow!

No matter the time of year everyone wants fresh glowing skin!

Oftentimes the weather or other elements can keep you from having the skin you desire. If you live in a dry climate or somewhere that is overly humid, your skin may be facing a whole barrage of issues. The needs of your skin can be as varied as the weather.

Don’t worry! No matter what your skin has going on, there is a mask that can help your skin stay fresh, healthy, and glowing! What’s better than that, all of these masks are not only edible, but are made with ingredients that you may already have lying around in your kitchen.

If you want to learn more about skin care, be sure to check out the esthetics program at Moler Beauty Academy.

Looking for a more customized regimen for your skin? Schedule a pampering service for yourself in our student salon.

Ready to get scrubbing?

Here are our favorite D.I.Y. face masks:

Cinnamon Bubble

cinnamon bubble

Break out the soda! Although, we won’t be making cookies!

Baking soda is a wonderful addition to many face masks, not only for its cleansing properties, but also for the beautiful bubbly feeling it gives. Your pores will be happy, and the results for continual use can mean gradual decrease of acne. Break out the happy dance!

Apple Repair

Apple repair mask

Chances are you have apples in your kitchen, but don’t use them to make a pie just yet. Did you know that a few slices of this tasty fruit can help remove dark spots from your skin? See how apples can help release your glow with this simple recipe from Beauty 4 Her.

Pumpkin Spice Everywhere

pumpkin spice mask

It might be a little early for those pumpkin spice lattes that we all love, but it is never too early to release all the glory and magic of pumpkin on your skin. This enzyme-filled concoction from Body Unburdened moisturizes and exfoliates your skin.

Start Your Morning Off Right!

oatmeal honey face mask

The best way to start your morning is with breakfast! Chances are you have oatmeal in your pantry that is just waiting to do more than make your mornings great! SheKnows has a great recipe for a gentle oatmeal scrub that will leave your skin warm and, oh, so clean. With honey, egg, and oatmeal; this mask is the trifecta of skin nourishment.

Coffee Mornings

coffee face masks

Nothing is better than a cup of coffee in the morning. If you sing the coffee song in the morning chances are you have used grounds sitting around. Put those grounds to work with this mask that will not only exfoliate and brighten your skin, but has the added benefit of tightening pores and increasing blood flow. Bring on the coffee with this recipe from Be.Daze.Live.

Which of these are you going to try first?

Are you interested in learning more about our esthetics program, or would you like to come in for some pampering time in our student spa, give us a call! We would love to help you find a new you, fresh faced and ready to conquer the world.

*All services performed by students under the direct supervision of trained and licensed instructors.

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