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January 9, 2018

11 Makeup Trends of 2017 That Should Stay in 2017

Wiggle Eyebrows on Model
We went through a lot together in 2017. We’re really proud of us all. But the one thing that we’re happy to see is that we all made it out alive from the makeup trends from this year. Let’s walk down memory lane together through of some of the best…or should we say worst.

Bad Brows

Let’s start from the top. Brows. 2017 did not shy away from giving the title “bold brow” a whole new (horrifying) meaning. From wiggly brows to feathered brows; let’s just say it’s time to put the tools down and leave those girls alone. #LeaveBrowsAlone2018

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Chaos Eyes

Okay, we’ll be honest; the “Chaos Eyes” look is insanely cool, but name five times you would ever rock this look. Not to mention how much makeup remover it will take to clean up this “chaos”. Thanks but no thanks.

Applying Makeup with Anything but a Makeup Tool

We want to know the name and address of the person that started this trend just so we can tell them to please stop. It started with using silicone to apply the foundation which was odd enough, but then it just got out of hand! Fidget Spinners guys. Fidget. Spinners. It was bad.

“Raccoon Eyes” The Reboot

We all know that Avril Lavigne is the queen of heavy, dark eye makeup. We all took a silent agreement that she was the only one that could pull it off. Well, apparently not everyone was there when we made this agreement. Introducing, Raccoon Eyes: The Reboot

Furry Fingernails

Guys, our nails do not have hair for a reason. Because we’re not monsters. Don’t be that guy. Stick with being the Beauty not the Beast.

When you want to be beauty AND the beast. 😂 #insiderbeauty

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The “I Didn’t Have Time to Remove My Lipstick Before I Made Out” Look

Known on the runways as the “Lollipop Lip”. This makeup trend looks like you ate a full course meal right after applying a fresh coat of lipstick. Cute.

Connect the Dots Freckles

Okay, we love that 2017 was all about embracing parts of ourselves that we don’t usually like. Freckles being one of them. And we LOVED that people were inspired by them. We do not love, however, the awkward and very obvious fake freckles beauty trend. Blend honey. Use a soft hand. Food for thought.

Full Body Contouring

Who needs plastic surgery when you can literally draw on new legs, arms, and the back of your neck!

Tin Man Face

Who doesn’t love some poppin’ highlight? But there is definitely a stopping point. To those that don’t know where that line is…let’s talk..

Glitter Lips

2017 saw a lot of glitter. From the hair to the lips, we’re surprised there is any glitter left. Who knows though, it might make for a great lip exfoliator.

Nose Hair Extentions

We saved the worst for last. Be it a joke or an actually trend, we could not be more excited to shut the door on this one, lock it, and burn the key. This one will live in our nightmares.

Goodbye to 2017 Makeup Trends

It’s always sad saying goodbye. But in this case, we are happy to say “Adios!” to these trends. Fingers crossed that 2018 isn’t half as bad. What trends did we miss? Comment below some of your favorites!

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