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August 28, 2019

5 Simple Steps to Start a Beauty Blog

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Whether you’re in school or already a licensed beauty professional, it is never too early to start a blog! Beauty blogs are an incredible way to get your name out there, build brand recognition, and even monetize your blog. It may seem overwhelming knowing where to start. We’ve broken it down to five simple steps for you.

1. Create Your Blog

Before you can begin blogging, you have to create the blog itself. There are so many great resources out there to make it easy for you. You don’t need to be technical or know much about how to create a website in order to have beauty blog.

Choose a Name

The first step is to choose the name of your blog. If you already have a professional Instagram or Facebook account, naming your blog something similar is a good idea. That way it is easy for people to remember and you’ll be at the beginning stages of building your name and brand.

If you don’t already have that to guide you, you’ll need to create a name! Choose something specific that lets people know exactly what your blog is about.


After you have decided on the name, go ahead and create your blog! We highly recommend WordPress to get you started. They have great resources, are easy to use, and have a lot of beautiful templates to make setting up simple.

Here is an amazing tutorial that can walk you through the entire process.

2. Create Your Aesthetic

Now that you have an idea for what you are going to blog about, it’s time to create your branding! Having a consistent feel and color scheme will make your blog look professional. Readers will recognize your style and it will help people know if they can connect with your look from the get go.

We love turning to Pinterest for style inspiration! Picking consistent fonts, colors, and an overall theme will take your blog from homemade to showstopper. Don’t forget to match your brand to your personality.

Colors play a powerful role in marketing. Bold colors are great for edgy and outgoing personalities. Neutrals are very earthy and classic. Here’s a great resource about choosing colors for your brand.

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3. What Makes You Unique

Now that you have the blog created, what are you going to blog about? When writing, focus on what you are passionate about and be authentic. Blogs that really connect with their readers are able to show off how their uniqueness and how their perspective adds to the beauty world.

Find Your Niche

There are so many beauty blogs that it will be hard to make a name for yourself if you don’t find a niche. What part of the beauty world is most interesting to you? Is hair your passion? Maybe skincare? Draw on your strengths and let those be your inspiration.

Here are some blogs that have created very successful niches:

  • 15 Minute Beauty has become established by creating beauty tips and tricks about getting ready in 15 minutes or less.
  • A Model Recommends is well-known blog run my an international model. She tries out makeup and beauty products and recommends her favorites.
  • Lexi With the Curls is a well-known YouTuber and blogger. She is a natural hair expert and shares all her tips and tricks.Each of these blogs focuses on a specific theme. Their name also directly reflects the theme and it is clear how each one sets themselves apart. Start brainstorming how you stand out from the crowd!

    Be Genuine

    A key to a blog that will stand the test of time is to be yourself! Readers can tell when a writer isn’t being authentic and will lose interest. They are reading your blog because they like you and the unique perspective you bring. Remember to always let your personality shine through!

    4. Start Writing!

    Now is the fun part– it’s time to write content! Don’t stress about getting content up all the time. One post a month is a great place to start. Have fun with it and remember: quality over quantity. Make sure your posts are informative, interesting, and engaging. You can post a variety of things from written blogs, videos, Q&A’s, etc. Get creative to keep your readers from getting bored!

    *Tip: We suggest creating a posting schedule. Having new posts published on a regular schedule will help your readers know when to expect something new from you. Start encouraging readers to be subscribers for reminders.*

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    5. Use Social to Reach Your Audience

    You are now a beauty blogger! The next step is to make sure as many people see your content as possible. If you don’t already have a professional Instagram, YouTube and/or Facebook, now is the time to set one up. Post about your newest blogs and connect with your followers on multiple social media platforms.


    Start reaching out to other bloggers and beauty influencers! Connect with them in a genuine way. Look for ways that you can support each other. Think about doing giveaways, shout outs and featured blog posts. Getting involved in your community is a great way to get your name out there. And you’ll find a great support system to help you on your journey.

    Beauty Blogger

    That’s it, you’re ready to get started on your own blog. Whether you are currently in beauty school or are already professional, it is always a good time to start building your brand.

    We can’t wait to see what you create!

    Ready to Make Beauty Your Career?

    If you are interested in pursuing an education in beauty, we can help! At Moler Beauty Academy we offer cosmetology, esthetics, and manicuring programs that are designed to set you up for success in your future!

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