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June 17, 2019

How to Build a Beauty Instagram While in School

We all follow an Instagram beauty guru whose feed is so perfect it looks like a work of art. Maybe they also have thousands or even millions of followers. Trying to achieve that kind of success on Instagram probably feels overwhelming! Luckily, success on Instagram isn’t about getting tons of followers.

As a student, you can use Instagram to create your brand, network with other beauty professionals, and start building your book of business. Working toward those goals are great measures of Instagram success.

Create Your Brand

Do you have a beauty Instagram? If not, the best time to create one is today! It’s usually a good idea to keep your professional Instagram separate from your personal account. That way all of your work is in one place and your Instagram business profile can also be your portfolio. When a client is thinking about working with you they will want to check your Instagram to see what your work is like. If your account is a professional portfolio with your best work, people will be a lot more likely to book with you!

What to Post?

A good rule of thumb for Instagram is to use your account for photos of your work and post more fun or personal content to your story. Following this strategy means your feed stays clean and professional but people still get a sense of your personality through stories.

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On your story, you can post about your daily life and interests, beauty behind-the-scenes, beauty how-tos, or even before and afters. On your feed you can post the best photos of your work. Every time you complete a look try to take a photo. Natural light from a window or outdoors will work best, and it’s good to remember that when it comes to editing, less is more.

Your Feed Aesthetic

You probably follow some influencers with pretty feeds. However, you don’t need to be a big influencer to have a nice looking feed! If you post photos in natural light, use an uncluttered background, and edit consistently, your feed will start to really come together. If you choose to use a filter, use the same filter on all of your posts. Also, cool toned photos perform best on Instagram, so think about that when choosing a light source and background.

Network With Beauty Professionals

Some of the first people to follow your beauty Instagram will be the people you already know outside of the Internet. Besides family and friends, this should include your classmates and instructors! The beauty professionals you meet during your time in school can be excellent resources for you to learn, connect, and even find jobs. In fact, many people end up finding a job through someone they know.

Instagram Engagement

Just posting on Instagram won’t be enough to grow a network. You will also need to engage with other beauty accounts. Before and after you post, spend a moment going through your feed, stories, and some beauty-related hashtags. You can like and comment on people’s posts, then follow them. If they follow you back, you now have a connection!

Make sure to keep interacting with people, especially after they follow you. Also, the most important part of engagement is being genuine. If people feel like you don’t care about them and just want a follower then they won’t want to connect with you.

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How Often to Post?

It’s more important to post consistently than to post all the time. If you don’t have anything ready to post to your profile, it’s okay to take a day off. It’s also better to only post 3-4 days each week than to post every day for one week and not at all the next. On the other hand, you should try to post to your story closer to daily.

Build Your Book of Business

The main goal of most beauty professionals is to get clients. While this is less necessary for you as a student, you’ll be a step ahead if you start now! All of the tips in this blog will help you build a book of business with Instagram.

People who are happy with your services in the student salon will want to follow you to your next salon after you graduate. Interacting with clients on Instagram will help them remember you and be more loyal to you. They will want to continue coming to you so they don’t lose your friendship!

Get Started in the Beauty Industry

Not in school yet? That’s okay, you can still practice your beauty skills on Instagram now! If you’re ready to really get into the industry, it might be time for you to look into beauty school. Here at Moler Beauty Academy we want all of our students to be prepared for the “real world” and be successful beauty professionals after school is over. Please contact us with any questions about our beauty programs. We’re excited to hear from you!

Won’t you follow us on Instagram? We’d love to connect with you there, too!

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