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December 7, 2017

What’s a Stylist?

cosmetologist in action

According to the Ohio State Board Of Cosmetology, a person who obtains a license in cosmetology is considered a licensed cosmetologist. However, that doesn’t mean that “cosmetologist” is the only title that they can hold out in the real world. You may have heard your friends call them “stylists”, “hairdressers”, or a variety of other names, but that begs the question: do they all mean the same thing?

What’s a Stylist/Hair Stylist?

In Ohio there is a not a “hair stylist’s license”. These titles are just two of the many that have become popular over time. Many people use hair stylist or stylist interchangeably for someone who does cuts, colors, and styles. Others use it strictly for a cosmetologist who only focuses on styling hair.

In other states, however, a “hair stylist’s license” may be something that you can obtain in order to practice cosmetology professionally. That’s just not the case in Ohio.

What’s a Natural Hair Stylist?

In the state of Ohio, a Natural Hair Stylist is a separate license from a cosmetology license. This license covers skills including but not limited to, track & sew, hair weaves, braids, bonding/glue methods, and extensions.

What’s a Hairdresser

Like the term “hair stylist”, this is usually used interchangeably by people who are referring to someone who does hair. Also like the term “hair stylist”, there may be a “hairdressing license” in other states, but it is not that way in Ohio.

While this term is common around the U.S., its use has dwindled over the years, with “stylist” becoming the more popular option.

hair stylist doing a bridal look

What’s a Hair Designer?

The state of Ohio offers a designated “Hair Designer” license. Essentially, this license allows you to practice all the hair services that can be offered by a cosmetologist, but does not allow you to practice the manicure, facial, and facial massage services that can also be practiced by a cosmetologist.

In other words, if you’re passionate about just hair, hair design is probably the best fit for you. If you love all things beauty and want a variety of skills, check out our Cosmetology program!

What’s a Beautician?

If you’ve heard this term used to describe a cosmetologist, you’ve probably been hanging out with an older woman who loves a good perm and hot rollers. Beautician was once the most popular way to describe cosmetologists. You can see the logic in the term, as cosmetologists “beautify” others!

What’s a Hair Painter?

Recently you may have heard some professionals refer to themselves as a hair painter. This is a popular way to describe your job if you focus on coloring hair. This allows you to express your natural inclination toward creativity in your job title!

If you’re looking for a cosmetologist who specializes in hair coloring, you should take a look at professionals who hold this title.

hair painter doing a hair color

What Else Should I Know?

As a client, all you have to know is how these affect the work that your hair care professional can provide. Not all of these titles are able to cut your hair and give you a facial, and some are more specifically trained in certain skills. Knowing this information can help you find your perfect hair care match!

As an aspiring beauty pro, you should know which license is going to help you the job you want, and which of these is just a fancy title that you could potentially have later on! If you’re looking for a beautiful career, contact us today to learn more about the programs we offer!

Interested in learning more about the potential careers you could have with a cosmetology license? Read more about them on our blog! Not sure which career is the right fit? Take our quiz to find your calling!

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