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December 23, 2016

What Careers Can a Cosmetologist Have?

When you’re looking to get an education, you probably consider the potential career options of each skill or trade. So what careers can a well-qualified, licensed cosmetologist pursue? There are many options out there, but we think these top the list as some of the coolest!

Editorial Stylist

Editorial stylists work alongside photographers, models, and other artists. Usually, an editorial stylist’s work can be seen in print assets like ads, billboards, or in magazines. Working as an editorial stylist can be the opportunity to express creativity freely and live a glamorous life.

model being photographed

Makeup Artist

Makeup artists usually work one on one with clients. Career options include freelance, TV, plays, and many more. Makeup artists can help to create characters in blockbuster movies, but they can also make a bride feel and look like a queen on her wedding day!

makeup artist applying makeup

Salon Owner/Manager

One of the most surprising careers a licensed cosmetologist can have is a managerial position. Not many people think of cosmos as business people, but they can be! If you’re interested in becoming a manager or owner, consider our Salon Management or Cosmetology Combination Courses!

photo of the inside of a salon


Estheticians are skin care masters! When you think of cosmetology, you might only focus on the ‘hair’ part of the curriculum, but in fact, cosmos are trained in esthetics services, too! Estheticians can work in a variety of places like hotels, resorts, cruise ships, salons, spas, and more!

woman performing a facial

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