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April 29, 2019

INSIDE LOOK: Cosmetology Kit at Moler Beauty Academy

Have you made the choice to jump into a cosmetology program at Moler Beauty Academy? Congratulations! You’re entering an exciting time of exploration and discovery as you learn more about the world of cosmetology than you ever thought possible. The cosmetology kit at Moler Beauty Academy can be your companion throughout your journey and is designed to help set you up for success.

The Cosmetology Kit is BIG

The cosmetology kit that we provide for the students at Moler Beauty Academy is BIG! It’s full of the essentials that our students will likely need throughout their time at the school, and many things are included that can be used throughout your career. Here is a list of things you can expect to receive as part of your cosmetology kit:

  • TIGI rolling bag
  • Mannequin head tripod
  • Andis T-Edger trimmer
  • Mannequin heads (3)
  • GHD Blow Dryer
  • GHD Flat Iron
  • TIGI Fat Curl Stick
  • TIGI Sectioning clips
  • TIGI Cutting Cape
  • TIGI water bottle
  • TIGI Technique color brush
  • TIGI Color bowl
  • TIGI Permanent Hair Color Brush
  • TIGI Hi Lift Hair Color Brush
  • TIGI Hair Color timer
  • TIGI Hair Color cape
  • TIGI Hair Color Apron
  • TIGI Stylist Hand Held mirror
  • TIGI cutting combs (6)
  • TIGI Hand comb
  • TIGI Vent brush
  • TIGI Large round brush
  • TIGI small cushion brush
  • TIGI medium round brush
  • TIGI large paddle brush
  • TIGI X-Large Round Brush
  • TIGI Razor
  • Shear 5.5″
  • Thinning Shear 6″
  • Education Manual
  • Manicure Bowl
  • Manicure Brush
  • Manicure Implements
  • State Board Polish Kit

We love every part of the kit, but there are some pieces in the kit that are exceptional. For example, our kit features a GHD flat iron that normally retails for around $120, and a GHD blow dryer which is worth over $100 as well. These sorts of quality items can accompany a cosmetologist throughout their careers, and that’s why we make sure they are included in the kit. We want our students to have the best value possible!

A Kit For the Modern Beauty Professional

Moler Beauty Academy uses the Milady digital curriculum, which allows our students to access their textbooks and extra educational materials online from anywhere.

When do we Get Our Kits?

Students have the opportunity to receive their cosmetology kits once they have completed the first 450 hours of their cosmetology program. This is because students are still not working on the student salon floor, even after 450 hours. We wait to provide the kits because we want our students to understand what comes in the kit, how to take care of it, and what they use it for before they receive it. It’s common for students to lose items from their kit, so we didn’t want students to experience that before they even reached the salon floor. As soon as students have passed 450 hours, the kits are given out to help them prepare to work in the student salon on real clients!

Do We Have to Bring Our Kits to School?

With a beauty school full of students that receive identical cosmetology kits, people might wonder how we help students manage their tools. To make things as convenient as possible, we don’t require our students to bring most of their kits to school on a day-to-day basis. We provide things like brushes and combs so that students can keep theirs at home where they won’t get lost. Our students just bring in their major personal tools, such as shears, clippers, trimmers, flat irons, and blow dryers. We supply almost everything else so our students don’t have to worry about it! For the students who do want to bring their own supplies from home, we have cubbies and lockers that students can use to store their belongings.

What About Kits For Nails or Makeup?

You may already know that cosmetologists usually need to have a basic grasp of manicures, pedicures, and makeup in order to successfully pass the state licensing exam. This is why our program covers manicures, pedicures, and makeup on an introductory level. We’ve found that it’s common for our cosmetology students to not be as interested in nails or makeup, which is why our kits don’t include as many tools for those services. We do provide a basic nail kit and education to help students, but we also do not want students to have to pay for things they may not be excited about using. This is why we reserve the robust and exciting nail kit for our manicuring course, and allow our cosmetology students to save some money on their program expenses.

Learn Cosmetology With Moler Beauty Academy

Does the cosmetology kit at Moler Beauty Academy have you pumped for beauty school? Contact us today to learn more about our cosmetology program and how it can prepare you to become a licensed cosmetologist. We can’t wait to see what you become!

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