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April 1, 2021

Your Complete Guide to Cosmetology School

Hairstylist styling a woman's hair

Are you thinking about turning your love of hair and makeup into a career? Cosmetology could be the perfect career path for you! Want to know more about what this future in beauty could look like? If you’re still trying to decide if you should apply for cosmetology school, check out our guide where we answer the most common questions we see!


What Is Cosmetology?

First things first, it’s important to know what exactly cosmetology is so you know what a job in this field could look like. A lot of people assume that cosmetologists only study and know how to work with hair, but that couldn’t be further from the truth.

In addition to learning hair services like styling and coloring, cosmetologists can also build a career that’s focused on other beauty aspects like skin or nails. Here are just some of the exciting lessons you could learn as a cosmetologist:

  • Hair cutting and coloring
  • Waxing
  • Facials
  • Manicures and pedicures
  • Eyelash extensions

A cosmetologist is a well-rounded licensed professional and one of the big differences that set them apart from estheticians is that they’re not focused on one specific beauty area like skincare. If you want to know even more about what a cosmetologist is, check out our blog where we explain more about it!

Someone curling a woman's hair.

Why Should You Become a Cosmetologist?

Now that you know what a cosmetologist is, you’re probably wondering how pursuing a career in it could benefit your future. Thankfully for us beauty lovers, there are plenty of great reasons why this could be the perfect path for you!

You Can Do Something You’re Passionate About

We all want our work and passions to mix for our careers. After all, we’re happier and feel more fulfilled when our jobs mean something to us. That’s what you could have as a cosmetologist!

Chances are you already love the beauty world and learning more about it. So, why not get paid to do something that you care about? Doing something you love will help you push to be better in your career and work on moving up!

There’s Upward Mobility

Speaking of moving up, the beauty industry is a great place for anyone who wants to work on improving themselves during their career. There are plenty of opportunities available for those who are willing to work for it. You may even be able to eventually become your own boss and open up a salon if that’s something you’re interested in doing. What you’re able to accomplish depends on you!

The beauty of cosmetology is that the industry is constantly evolving. If you’re someone who embraces change and loves keeping up with the latest trends, you could be a good fit for cosmetology! There’s always something new to learn and new ways for you to grow.

You Can Learn Multiple Skills

As we said, there are a variety of services that cosmetologists can learn which means there’s no limit to what you can do for your career. Found out that you loved helping people get eyelash extensions during school? You can base your whole career around that technique and help others get full and beautiful eyelashes.

Or, maybe you don’t want to focus on a specific skill but you want to keep helping clients with multiple services. You can do that too, which helps make every day different and exciting!
Applying makeup for a wedding.

How To Become a Cosmetologist

There are a few steps to making your dream of becoming a cosmetologist a reality. But don’t let that stop you! We break down everything you need to do to become a licensed cosmetologist in Ohio so you can feel prepared for this next stage in your career!

1. Find an Apply to an Accredited School

You can’t become a licensed cosmetologist until you’ve graduated from a school that’s been approved by the state of Ohio. Choosing the right school for you is a big decision and you should take some time to consider which one best fits your career goals. Here are a few things you should consider before choosing:

  • Does the cosmetology program offered there teach skills you want to learn?
  • Is there flexible scheduling?
  • Does the school offer financial aid to those who qualify?
  • Will you be able to practice on real guests?
  • Does the school offer career advice?

Don’t be afraid to schedule a tour of the school you’re looking at to make sure that the culture is a good match for you!

Each school might be a little different, but here are the steps you can take to apply for an education at Moler Beauty Academy:

  1. Schedule a tour of our school. During that tour, we’ll walk you through our school, give info on what you need to apply, and answer any questions you may have about starting an education in cosmetology.
  2. Get the application requirements together. Bring your social security card, ID with a birth date, and high school diploma or G.E.D. You can also expect to have a personal interview with us and a signed enrollment agreement. We are focused on helping students who have the same passion for beauty as us.
  3. Pay the application fee. Once you’re ready to get started, make sure you’re ready with the $100 application fee.

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to reach out to our admissions team. We’re ready to help every step of the way and are happy to talk further about the cost of school or class schedules.

During this step, you may also want to consider applying for financial aid through the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA®). Many schools like ours can accept payments from Pell Grants, federal loans, and scholarships, depending on what you qualify for.

2. Complete Your Training

In the state of Ohio, students are required to complete at least 1500 hours of training before they can graduate and earn their license. This is the fun part of your beauty journey where you get to learn how to apply all the services you’ve been interested in and do them yourself!

At Moler Beauty Academy, you can start learning everything you need to become a licensed professional, including:

  • Haircutting and hairstyling
  • Perms
  • Hair coloring and lightening
  • Wig shaping, style, and care
  • Basic skincare and facials
  • Makeup application
  • Scalp treatments and shampooing
  • Basic manicures
  • Basic chemistry
  • Anatomy and physiology
  • Sanitation best practices
  • Salon management
  • And more!

During this education, you can expect to work hands-on in an environment that feels like a professional salon. It’s also an amazing place to build your professional network and get insight from your peers who have the same passion.

And, when you’re ready, you can start practicing what you learn with real guests under the supervision of licensed professionals. Experience what it’s like at our school by scheduling your own appointment!

3. Sit for the State Exam

After graduating from the program, the last thing you need to do to earn your license is the state exam. There is both a written and practical portion that ensures that you’re qualified to perform a variety of services to clients. As part of our cosmetology program, we cover what’s on this exam and help our students feel confident as they’re graduating and getting ready to take it.

If you want more tips on how to become a cosmetologist in Ohio, read our blog!

Where Can a Cosmetologist Work?

Now comes the best part! After becoming licensed, you’re able to start looking for a career that best suits you. With so many techniques and skills to learn, there’s no limit of opportunities that could be waiting. Here are just a few options you could pursue:

  • Makeup artist
  • Hairstylist or colorist
  • Salon owner or manager
  • Cosmetology instructor
  • Product ambassador
  • Beauty blogger or influencer
  • Fashion show stylist

Even if you aren’t sure where you want to be right after you graduate, we are positive you can find your place in the beauty industry, as you can learn and grow as you work toward your dream.
Applying makeup at a fashion show.

Tips for Obtaining Your Dream Career

We know that achieving your dream career can be the most daunting step, but we believe in you and are ready to help you achieve big things.

As part of our cosmetology curriculum, we include more than hairstyling and skincare, we include business skills, too! While we can’t guarantee employment, we do provide classes in resume-writing, mock interviews, job searching skills, and more.

But, while you’re in school, here are a few things you can consider doing:

  • Start taking pictures of the looks you create. Take photos that are high quality with a simple background to make your looks pop.
  • Post your photos on social media. Start building your portfolio now and build your community so you can start attracting new clients after becoming a licensed professional.
  • Practice, practice, practice! We’ll be providing as many opportunities as we can, but it’s important to keep doing what you love, too!

We hope you’re as excited as we are to start working toward becoming a successful licensed professional!
Taking photos of a hairstyle.

Are You Ready To Get Started?

Now that you’re a pro on all things cosmetology, we think you’re ready to take the next step and apply to our cosmetology program! Contact us or schedule a tour to learn more about us, what you could be learning, and more exciting information.

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We’re happy to help answer any questions you might have and let nothing hold you back. Feel free to ask us more about if you may qualify for financial aid, our class schedules, and more to see if cosmetology school is the right next step for you.

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