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March 10, 2020

What Spring Hair Color Should You Try Next?

Spring is finally here and we’re living for it! With the new seasons come some new, exciting trends. From warm chocolate brown to stunning silver, this is certainly the time to try something trendy and fun. Take our quiz to see which hair color you should try next!

It’s always fun to change up our style for the new season. However, if you’re a little lost on what exactly you could do, here are some ideas based off of what you got in our quiz.

Black Hair

Black hair has always been an iconic look. Not only is black hair elegant and sleek, it can be edgy and sporty too. Whether you’re looking for Hollywood glam or natural fun, black hair can be just for you. You can sport a chin length bob or waist length curls, and prove to everyone that black hair is the way to go.

As with all colors, black hair has different shades that will pair well with a variety of skin tones! If you have light skin, try black hair bordering on brown. If you go too dark, it may wash you out. If you have a medium skin tone, try a brown that is almost black, as it will complement your natural tones. Do you have a darker skin tone? Try a bold dark brown or super black. As always, consult with your stylist to see what is best for you.

As with any dyed hair you might need to switch up your routine in order to maintain it. Wash your hair in cool water and do your best with heat protection.

Match your new look with the right makeup. Some of the best makeup to pair with black hair can be plum or jewel tones. A red lip against black hair is always iconic. If you’re going for a darker look try some opaque colors. For fair complexions try some sheer shadows.

The great thing about black hair is that it goes with everything. Want to be bright and colorful one day and neutral tones the next? Black hair will look amazing either way.

woman with black hair sitting on a beach

Red Hair

Red hair has been a game changer since the beginning. Whether you decide to go fire engine red or natural red, you can show off your fun and bright personality easily with this hair color. Short or long, you can prove that red hair is stunning no matter what.

The beauty of red hair is its ability to pair well with any skin tone. Fair skinned or dark skinned, red hair can be a staple to your image. Fair skin typically pairs best with natural reds such as dusty copper or rosy red. Darker skin most often pairs best with deep reds such as scarlet or raspberry red.

Red hair can pair very nicely with natural shades for makeup. It adds a lot of warmth to your natural complexion, so be sure you go light on the blush.

As with any color treated hair, cool water is best and helps keep the color in your hair. There are also tinted shampoos that can help give you a refresh in color if you feel it’s a bit faded. Do your best to avoid sulphates as they tend to strip your hair of its dyed color. Most importantly, moisturise your hair. Proper hydration can keep your newly dyed hair healthy..

woman tossing her red hair behind shoulder

Brown Hair

Espresso locks can do quite a bit to enhance your natural beauty. Whether you decide to go with a deep chocolate brown or a light ash you can never go wrong with the right shade of brown. It’s best to consult with your stylist about which shade is best for you.

If you have a fair complexion, a light ash brown or sandy color may be best for you. If you have a fair, neutral tone, consider adding caramel highlights as they can bring in a lot of warmth. The deeper your skin tone, the darker you may want to go.

Wondering what to pair with your new brown hair? Try a bold eye and a neutral lip. Berry tones or deep browns can really make the eyes pop. Looking for a sweeter complexion? Try shades of pinks and peaches. Burgundy or red brick tones work well with darker skin tones. The ultimate perk of brown hair? Any shade of makeup you want to pair with is essentially a win.

Show off your brilliance with a beautiful brown and step out into confidence.

woman with long brown hair

Silver Hair

Take a break from your natural locks and try out a stunning gray. Not only does silver hair give you a fun new style, it goes to prove that gray hair has never once been a bad idea. With this fun hair color you can achieve either a bold or whimsical look.

Whether you decide on blue, purple, or gray undertones, you can really stand out with this look. Blue undertones will give you a nice icey cool while purple may warm you up. Silver hair can come in all types of shades, gray, steel, or nearly white. Consult with your stylist to see which ones will best suit you.

Wondering what you can do with your makeup? Try reds, pinks, purples, blues, browns. Almost anything will make your eyes stand out against the cool silver. You’re having fun with your hair color, so have fun with your makeup too. Looking for a soft natural look? Browns are your friend. Looking for something a little bold? Try out purples and see what you can create.

As with any color treated hair, make sure you give it all the moisture you can. Happy hair is healthy hair. See if your stylist has any recommended sulphate-free shampoos for you to try and even if they have any color treated shampoos to help keep your hair looking vibrant.

woman with long silver hair

Think you may want to try and create these looks yourself? Check out our programs to see if becoming a cosmetologist is for you!

Here at Moler Beauty Academy we love helping our students and clients take that next step to improve their confidence. If you have any questions about our services or programs, feel free to contact us.

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