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September 19, 2019

Skills of a Great Cosmetologist

When pursuing any career, you might ask yourself the question: “Am I cut out for this?” Nobody wants to take the next step without feeling reassurance that they are capable. While there are many different kinds of people who thrive in this industry, there are certain traits that can turn a good cosmetologist into a great one, and recognizing these traits can help you succeed in your cosmetology journey!


blonde hairstylist talking to brunette client in her chair

Do you enjoy meeting new people and creating relationships? Cosmetology could be the career for you! Every single day you have the opportunity to create new relationships and nourish existing ones. People love to talk, and every client has their own story. While they are in your chair, create a fun and safe place for your clients to share and even vent. You may never know what insights or opportunities may come from a simple conversation with a client.


Did you know that most cosmetologists consider themselves artists? If you love expressing yourself creatively, cosmetology could be a new and exciting outlet to take advantage of… and the possibilities are endless! Some beauty pros love to experiment with new designs, techniques, and styles, others like to perfect their skills, and some enjoy a good mix of both. Some beauty pros love to experiment with new designs, techniques, and styles, others like to perfect their skills, and some enjoy a good mix of both.

Good Communication

male hairstylist talking with female client about hair

Turning a client’s vision into a reality and being a part of a successful transformation can be so rewarding! Not only does it make you feel accomplished but it creates loyalty. The key to a loyal customer is when a cosmetologist understands a client’s needs through two-way communication which is the ability to ask the right questions and then listen to the feedback of your clients! Strive to be a skilled listener.


There comes a time when a client will ask you to cut or dye their hair a way that you, as their stylist, know won’t be achievable in one appointment or ultimately may not be the best choice for them. The difference between a good stylist and a great stylist is being able to identify what is and what isn’t a good fit for your client and expressing it in a kind and informative way. If you’ve never done a certain technique or cut, tell them. If a certain haircut may not look the best for their face shape, offer them an alternative. Many, if not all, of your clients will appreciate your desire to keep the integrity of their hair and to make them look their best!

Another important aspect of hair integrity is recognizing what you can do with your skill level. While practice does make perfect, clearly communicate with your clients on what your expertise level (what you can and cannot do) is so they can have realistic expectations. If you need help from an instructor or coworker, don’t hesitate to ask in order to learn and better create what your client is envisioning for their hair. Your clients and your reputation will appreciate your honesty.


beautiful black woman with braids getting her makeup done

Whether it’s your workstation or your own hair, having an attention to detail and being clean is so important. If your hair isn’t brushed, how are people going to trust you with their hair? If your station isn’t organized and cared for, how are clients going to know you care about their hair? Being organized and tidy is a good indicator of how much love and attention you put into things in your life. Always strive to go above and beyond to create a pleasant experience from your workstation to your work of art!


hairstylist brushing through wet balayage hair in sink

Being able to learn new techniques and tools when different trends arise is a huge advantage as a cosmetologist. There is always something new to learn and techniques to improve upon. You should constantly improve upon your knowledge and expand your skill set even after school. Listen to the media and stay on top of trends and styles that pop up. Adapting to change and even getting a head start can set you apart and increase your demand. Be confident that your creativity and skill will help clients achieve their desired results and remember that practice makes perfect!

Physical and Mental Stamina

Cosmetologists are on their feet all day and can put in long hours with few, short breaks. Salons are often open on weekends, weekdays and evenings, so shifts can be long. The mental load of listening to clients share their struggles and lives, as well as dealing with clients who are impossible to please or difficult, can be heavy. You have to have the mental fortitude and physical stamina to keep up with it all.

Proficiency in Multiple Techniques

hands of a hairstylist putting color on platinum blonde client in sink

You can’t be a one-trick pony. To be an excellent cosmetologist, you need to be experienced and knowledgeable about a variety of different industry techniques and be able to comfortably handle industry equipment like scissors, files, and brushes.

Cosmetologists are most versatile (and valuable!) when they have many abilities and can offer a wide range of services. These can include cutting and styling hair, hair coloring, manicures/pedicures, cosmetics and men’s grooming (a multi-billion dollar industry and growing!).

Impeccable Hygiene

If you want to thrive in this industry, you need to have flawless grooming and perfect hygiene. People go see cosmetologists to look their best; if you’re not showing your best side and looking hip, put-together and attractive, that doesn’t send the right message to clients. You need to come to work every day looking your best.

Style Awareness

Rockstar cosmetologists should be up to date on current styles and trends, but should also be able to discern and communicate what would look best and work for a specific client. Not every style or color, no matter how trendy, will suit every client; you should be able to see that.

Manual Dexterity

close up of slightly turned woman with blue and gold creative makeup

Whether you’re cutting hair, painting nails or applying makeup, you need to be able to use your hands with skill and precision. Cosmetology requires deft, nimble manoeuvers and intricate hand movements all day long.

Product Knowledge

A good cosmetologist should know the ins and out of a variety of products, especially the ones sold in their salons. You should be able to clearly describe the product characteristics and what it does, as well as tie it to the client’s needs and unique requirements.

Sound Like You?

Recognizing what makes a great cosmetologist is the first step to becoming one! Whether you have one or all of these personality traits, explore the possibilities of a future in cosmetology at Moler Beauty Academy

Contact us today to set up a tour and get more information about our cosmetology program. We hope to be a good fit and would love to assist you in making your beauty goals a reality!

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