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April 25, 2017

Relax! Five Hairstyles for a Natural Hair Transition

This is it.
You have decided to take the biggest step in the life of your hair and transition from relaxed to natural locks. This is a big transition, and while many chose to chop their locks, many more chose to make the transition with their mane intact.
This can lead to many different trials, from inconsistent texture to inconsistent length. While, at times, it may feel like shaving your head would be worth it – there can be benefits to transitioning naturally.
If you are taking the long haul process, here are five hairstyles to help you embrace and love the hair you wear while waiting for your gorgeous natural texture to take root.

    1. Twisted Updo

      natural hair grow out
      Easily done and easy to accent with a cute scarf. This hairdo will easily disguise root grow out.

    2. Box Braids

      Natural hair grow out
      Box braids have a good long life and are one of the best ways to disguise root grow out and keep the relaxed lengths healthy during grow out.

    3. Twisted

      natural hair grow out
      Like the box braid, this look can be done naturally or sewn in, giving a good style and helping to regain life to those relaxed lengths.

    4. Pin Curls

      relaxed Hair grow out
      Get those roots and lengths matching with some easy pin curls. When done correctly, they can last for days.

    5. Swept Grecian Braid

      relaxed hair grow out
      Early on you are going to need easy swept styles that will blend multiple textures, this look is perfect to accomplish both.

Need more ideas? Check out this video from Essence that will inspire you.

Ready to be pampered? Book an appointment in our summer salon, and let our amazing students give you motivation with styles and cuts that will make the awkward growing out stage even better.

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