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May 24, 2018

Ready For Some Super Hair Inspiration?

You don’t have to be a superhero to have great hair, but there is no doubt that some of the hair we see on the pages of a comic book or on the big screen is a little bit beyond perfect. Fighting crime in long, luscious curls may not be the most practical of choices, but somehow they manage it.

From mohawks to the perfectly trimmed goatee, here are our favorite comic book hairdos, and a few tips on how to accomplish them.

You may not be running out to fight crime, but there is no reason you can’t look and feel like a superhero every day!

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Superman - Art by Dan Jurger, Character Copyright DC

Art by Dan Jurger, Character Copyright DC

When you think Superman you think of that signature curl, you know the one I am talking about. The swoop is so iconic that it puts Clark Kent’s alter ego right at the top of our list.


Wolvering Comic Book Cover

It was a close call between Superman and Wolverine after all the only superhero hair more recognizable is the coiffed points of this cocky X-Men character.

Bumble Bee

Bumblee bee character - Art By Karen Beecher-Duncan, Character copyright DC Comics

Art By Karen Beecher-Duncan, Character copyright DC Comics

You may not know Bumble Bee, and that’s okay. This lesser known character from 1970 DC comics isn’t the most possible, but we couldn’t resist including her. After all, her perfectly relaxed updo is on point.

Wonder Woman

Wonder Woman Comic Book

Wonder Woman character and art copyright by DC Comics

The beautiful Diana has always had some amazingly beautiful locks. Although fighting in those perfect curls may not have been our first choice, she pulls it off flawlessly.


Storm character copyright Marvel Comics. Character Art unknown.

Storm character copyright Marvel Comics. Character Art unknown.

Pretty much every girl has wanted to be Storm at one point in their life. After all, she is strong-willed, brave, and just all together awesome! Her hair has always been one of her most striking features, especially when she is using her power. Plus, have you seen her new mohawk? Get it, girl!


Aquaman character and art copyright DC comics

Aquaman character and art copyright DC comics

Long flowing locks look good on everyone, and no man pulls that off better than Aquaman. It might be the curls, it might be the strong jaw, it might be the perfectly messy man bun, but we are picking our jaws up off the floor.

Riri Williams

Iron man and Riri Williams

Character copyright Marvel Comics, Art by Marvel Comics

Unknown to many, Tony Stark (aka Iron Man) has been dead in the Marvel comic book universe for many years. Never fear, there is a new Iron Man on the scene, a young technological prodigy, Riri Williams. I don’t know about you, but we are in love! Not only is she sassy and embracing her inner geek, she has the perfect natural fro to match!

Dr. Strange

Dr. Strange Character copyright Marvel comics. Art by Yamaorce

Dr. Strange Character copyright Marvel comics. Art by Yamaorce

Dr. Steven Strange is equally as handsome in the comic books as he is in the movies, and although he may be older, with those swatches of grey, he has a silver fox thing going on that we love. There is nothing nicer than a well-groomed man, and Steven’s look is on-par.

Ramona Flowers

Scott Pilgrim created by Brian Lee O'Malley - fan art by RadioRobbie

Scott Pilgrim created by Brian Lee O’Malley – fan art by RadioRobbie

Known for having a new look every issue, Ramona Flowers from the Scott Pilgrim comics is many people’s hair icon. Different colors, cuts, and looks abound, and she masters each and every one of them.

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