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September 19, 2017

Meet Liz! Moler Beauty is Her Passion!

Cosmetology runs in the family at Moler Beauty Academy, and that goes for more than the students, some of which are second or even third generation students. It goes for the owners as well.

This month we have the privilege to get to know Liz, the manager at the Moler Pickens location. Liz has worked at the Moler Academies for her entire life. Literally.

Liz not only manages the second location alongside her mother, Patty, who is the current owner of the schools, she grew up here under the watchful eyes of her grandmother, who founded the school.

That’s three generations of amazing, powerful women dedicated to their students, and to changing lives and creating future generations of talented cosmetologists.

Before there was a school, there was a salon.

Founded by Liz’s grandmother, the original campus was located just around the corner from the salon that had begun the culture of beauty the family still embodies.

While the salon has since been closed to focus on the schools’, Liz still holds fond memories of playing on the cutting room floor, seeing creative masterpieces leave the doors as she sat in awe of the skills that her mother and grandmother held. “It was like a wonderland,” Liz says, “I loved going to work with my mother every day.”

Growing up in a salon may not be all fun and games for some, but Liz loved it. The moment she was old enough to work, she did, doing everything from sweeping floors to taking reservations.

It wasn’t all beauty and hair for Liz, however. She proudly holds a degree in Product Development and Merchandising that gave her the skills she needed to manage the schools.
After working on the administrative side for many years, Liz wanted more. She wanted the skills that she was helping so many to obtain, she wanted to be able to be on the floor and help.

After all, if she was supporting students to go through the journey, she wanted to experience the journey.

Cosmetology as Life

In 2010 Liz worked her way through beauty school, just like so many of her students. Working in administration during the day, she took classes at night working hard to receive not only her cosmetology license but also her instructor’s license.

“It was hard work,” she says, but it was not something she regrets as it not only gave her the skills that she admired in her mother and grandmother for so long, but the ability to teach the students that she had stood in awe of.

Since then Liz has helped hundreds of students change their lives, supporting them as they work towards a license that she understands more than most.

So many of them are still in contact with her, coming in to share stories or success. They also inspire current students by sharing the way their education at Moler Beauty Academy has changed their life.

“We are a family school, and we treat everyone like family,” She says, echoing the feeling that makes up so much of Moler’s amazing culture.

Being part of this industry is not something that Liz would change for the world. She loves where her life has brought her, saying that seeing all the changes and growth in each of her students as they progress through the program and change their life after bring her great joy.
In fact, Liz is still in contact with many of her students, they will always be part of the Moler family, after all.

The tradition at Moler Beauty Academy truly is a family affair, and one that will continue on.
When Liz isn’t at the school she can be found adventuring with her family, camping, hiking, or simply enjoying the people that mean so much to her.

If you want to see how the passion and commitment of these amazing women have created a tradition in cosmetology that could be part of your family, schedule a tour.

We would love to show you around, and introduce you to a beautiful future.


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