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February 4, 2021

5 Ways to Balance Beauty School and Life

Deciding to enroll in beauty school is an exciting milestone and can be a great way to achieve your beauty career goals. Enrolling in school is a major lifestyle change, and can sometimes be overwhelming when trying to figure out how to balance your new schedule with your old one.

At Moler Beauty Academy, we want you to be able to thrive not only in our classes but in your day-to-day life too. We believe that success stems from both, and our goal is to help you be successful in all aspects of your life. Here are five ways to help you manage both beauty school and life.

1. Figure Out a Schedule That Works for You

Balancing work, social life, eating, and sleeping is hard enough already. When you add school to that mix it can be stressful. That’s why it is important to find a schedule that works best for you and stick with it.Student

It isn’t uncommon for students who are starting beauty school to have a job. This is a great way to help pay for school, but it can sometimes be overwhelming when trying to figure out how to do both. That is why you need to find what schedule works best for you. Fortunately, a lot of beauty schools have different schedules that can easily fit into your everyday life. Here at Moler Beauty Academy, we want anyone who has a passion for beauty to be able to pursue their goals. We offer both full-time and part-time schedules, so you can find the perfect balance.

2. Build a Routine With Balance

Once you have figured out the type of schedule that works best for you, you’ll want to build a routine that fits that new schedule. Not only does building a routine help you manage everything on your plate, but it also helps create a healthy lifestyle. There are many health benefits to having a routine, such as improved sleep, reduced stress, and overall better mental health.

Building a routine can be tough at first, but the first thing you’ll want to do is set good habits. You create these habits by doing the same routine things every day or week. After doing the same routine for a while, things get easier. Adding this balance to your life can help you achieve your goals when things start to get stressful.

3. Get Help From Your Peers

In beauty school, you’ll be surrounded by peers who have the same passion and interests as you. This can be a huge advantage because having friends makes school a lot more fun! Creating positive relationships with your classmates can help you practice and make studying more fun.

students studying

Having support from your peers is a great way to add balance to your life. They are the ones who are going to understand the challenges of beauty school and guide you through them when you’re feeling overwhelmed. You’ll want to make the most of the new connections you make in beauty school because they may be able to help you when you need it as well as offer meaningful support.

4. Create a Space Just For You

Just like traditional colleges and universities, beauty school includes lots of studying, tests, and homework. That’s why we suggest creating a space that is just for you. A dedicated space for schoolwork can help you focus, even if a lot is happening around you. You’ll want to try and be strict with this area and only use it for your schoolwork. Make your space inviting by adding things that you love and remind you of your goals. Remember that this is your area, and it should be a place that makes you feel happy, comfortable, and successful.

Creating a space for your goals and passions is a great way to help balance your life. Procrastination is an easy habit to fall into and sometimes it can take up a lot of unnecessary time. However, by simply creating a designated space, you’ll be able to manage your time better and focus on your goals.

5. Treat Yourself

Our final and most important tip is to treat yourself for accomplishing things! This can keep you motivated, gives you affirmation and helps you keep accomplishing your goals. After rewarding yourself you’ll soon recognize all your hard work and efforts, and you’ll be able to see that you are doing great! So if you get 100% of your test, treat yourself to your favorite meal. Finally, finished that long project? Do something to celebrate with your friends and family.

treat yourself

Are You Wanting to Add Beauty School to Your Schedule?

If you’re interested in applying for beauty school but nervous about your schedule, we can help! Contact us with any questions about our programs, schedules, financial aid, or anything related to your beauty education. Our admissions team is here to help you get started on your beauty school path!

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