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April 13, 2017

5 Standard Nail Techniques Every Manicurist Should Know

Moler Academy may be known for our amazing cosmetology classes, but we have many other programs that can prepare you for a future in beauty. If you have ever thought about taking a manicuring course and becoming a nail professional, here are five things you are going to want to master:

  • Pedicures and Manicures

    Nail Tech | Moler

  • This one is kind of a given and for good reason. It is the base to any education that has a future in nail work. Focusing on the cleaning, cutting, and shaping of the nails as well as the cutting and shaping of the cuticles, you are going to want to master these skills in order to be successful.
  • Polish Changing

    While polish application tends to be included in the basic manicuring process, the changing of the color is something very different. It is definitely a skill that needs to be looked at carefully in order to avoid any damage to the surrounding skin and cuticle.

  • Nail Art

    Nail Tech | Moler

  • This is polish with a flare. You have more than likely seen the videos on social media where artisans paint cute little foxes, skeletons, and more on nails – which is exactly what this is – and it’s easier than you think! Utilizing everything from tape to stencils to sponges, this is truly an art unto itself. And one that you can master.
  • Gel Nails

    Gel nails are a fairly new trend and one that is a must in any salon. Gel polish is thicker, harder, and healthier for your nails – and it’s application is much different with it being hardened under UV lights, although some variants are put on in layers. You are going to want to become an expert, and you can in no time with how often you may be doing this!

  • Acrylics

    Nail Tech | Moler

  • If you have ever been in a nail salon, or had your nails done, chances are you have been exposed to acrylics. Acrylics are the hard shells that are glued onto nails, either in a full nail or in a tip. Used to create length and/or shape, these beauties ain’t going anywhere anytime soon.

Ready to start your journey and master these skills? Contact your nearest Moler Academy for details on our nail programs, and get ready to join us on our next start date.

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