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How to Prepare for Unicorn Hair

You love color. Unicorns and mermaids are your spirit animals and the moment that pastel hair trend burst onto the scene you know you had to jump on board.

The bright vibrant color and ultimate customization. This was tailor made for you: the perfect way to express yourself. In fact, when we say ultimate customization, we mean it, from pale pastels to the dark, sleek “oil slick” look, the infusion of color and magic can go many different ways.

No matter which colorful unicorn look you want, however, there are a few things you are going to need to do to prepare.

  • Hydrate

    Going through the full process of color infusion can be hard on your hair, which is why it’s recommended that you take some extra care of your locks before beginning the process.

    Schedule an appointment with your stylist for a hydrating mask a few days beforehand to infuse some moisture into your locks. This will also give you the time to talk with them about what you want, and what you should expect during your transformation.

  • woman with beautiful pastel hair
  • Preparation

  • Depending on what look you want, you are going to need to prepare your hair in different ways. No matter which mermaid variation you choose, however, you are probably going to need to bleach out your color so those pastel hues really pop.This is one of the reasons that getting this look at a salon is so important. Bleaching at home can lead to an orange color at best, and a massive damage at worse. When you get this service done at a salon, your stylist can remove your hair color in stages using a gentler bleach that can help reduce damage and keep the orange away.Plus, because they know what you want, they can fully prepare the hair for the unicorn magic that is heading your way.
  • Infusion

    Once the hair is prepped and ready, the color can be applied. Depending on the process used to bleach the hair, you might want to wait a few days before adding the fantastic color. Your stylist will know what’s best and be able to instruct you on the process that will work best for your hair.

  • Care

    This is it. You have accomplished your dream, you have embraced your inner magic, and are letting your unicorn shine! But now what?

    Taking care of that gorgeous hair can be one of the hardest part of this journey. Because bright color fades and bleeds, you want to be ready by limiting the amount of washing, using a color safe shampoo and conditioner, and even sleeping on a pillowcase that is okay to get a bit stained.

    It is all worth it however for the magic you have just created. Embrace it.

Are you ready to let your inner mermaid out?

Schedule an appointment in our student salon* and let us help you get the service you need, and the color you dream of.

*All services performed by trained students under the direct supervision of trained professionals.

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