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July 14, 2017

Which Nail Shape Suits You? Take Our Quiz to Find Out

Finding the perfect nail shape that fits both your hand and personality can sometimes be a struggle. If your nails need direction, or maybe even a change, our quiz can help you find the perfect shape for you!


This is the perfect style for anyone who doesn’t have a lot of time to maintain their nail shape. That’s because these look great with any nail length and especially those who prefer to keep them shorter. Other benefits of rounded nails are making your nail beds appear thinner, look great with any nail polish color, and are simple enough to add multiple designs depending on what you’re willing to spend on it.


If you want to keep the simple look of rounded nails but you want them a little longer, oval is your best bet! This shape will not only help your nails appear longer but they’ll also help you achieve a more feminine style for your nails. Like the round shape, this won’t take a lot of maintenance and can be used as a canvas for multiple different designs to experiment with!


Like rounded nails, a square shape is great for those who want to keep their nails shorter. The difference is that this allows you to have a more edgy look you can show off. This especially looks flattering on people with long, slim fingers. As an added benefit, these nails aren’t thin at the top like other shapes so they won’t break as easily.


If you’re thinking about shaping your nails into a ballerina style, you probably love getting your nails done and trying out exciting styles that bring attention. This is because this nail shape is known for its long point and can be more work to maintain. Ballerina nails usually work better for people who have sturdier nails that don’t break as often because of their slim point. Even though it can be more work, this shape paired with a matte nail polish definitely makes it worth it!


With this narrow and ending at a point design, this is another nail shape that can help elongate your fingers and make them look more slender. It’s also growing in popularity because of its chic look and ability to fit with whatever nail color or design you want to add.

Want to Learn More?

Has learning more about the different nail shapes got you thinking about pursuing a career in manicuring? In our program, we teach all the latest techniques so you can help give people the look and shape that fits them best! Contact us to learn more about our school and how you can start the application process.

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